English Tips by Prof. Avtar Singh Virdi

About Book

The importance of ability to speak fluent English cannot be underestimated in the present world. But unfortunately it is a distant dream for most of Punjabis, especially from ... read more

My book Marvelous English essay book, on which I have staked $10,000 if any body shows and proves   any book better than mine, is available all over the world on amazon.com and in kindle form. Soon its e-book is also coming. Next month my "Marvelous English Grammar" will also be available in all forms. Click the book below.


About Book

"There are many similar books in the market but Prof Avtar Virdi's "Marvellous English Speaking Course" is definitely the best and also my favourite."
- Gurpreet Ghuggi..the Punjabi Star

"The new edition of the book would lay perfect foundation for Punjabis who desire to learn English or to improve themselves in widely spoken language. The step by step learning modules of the book complemented with the applications of English vocabulary would definitely lay insights and arouse interest among readers."
- C.L. Kochar

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