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Are there some English tenses we were never taught?

Yes, we were told that there are 9 tenses: indefinite, continuous and perfect tenses of past, present and future. And three more – perfect continuous of past, present and future. What we were not told was that all these tenses are to express our actions. What about when we are not in action? For example our condition, position location and possession. Look at the following examples –

I was at work.

I am on my way.

I will be at home in 20 minutes.

I have a nice car.

– these four examples are from the chart I have prepared to make English easy for all, and this chart is printed and explained in my book, ‘Marvelous English Speaking Course part – 1’.

I have named them ‘Simple tenses’, and the chart is my copy right registered with CIPO. Learners and research minded persons can buy soft copy of my books for just $4.99 and $2.99 from my website and explore the new horizon of English.

A day will come when Oxford university will accept my research and adopt my way of teaching English. It will prove a worldwide revolution as I had brought a revolution first in my home town Kapurthala in 1992, and in Greater Vancouver in 2008. It has been working a miracle for my success in the field of education. You can also achieve great heights by working on my tips. Good luck.

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