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Aaee Canada Viahee (Punjabi Novel)


A virgin innocent girl from Punjab, India, gets married to a pretty handsome boy from Canada. The couple goes to a famous hill station for their honeymoon. The boy compels the girl to have a drink with him before starting their sex life. The girl refuses to do so. This brigs a kind of storm in the girl’s life. The boy turns a beast when he is drunk, but nice while sober. The girl goes under utmost depression. The boy makes physical-relationships with her although she desperately wanted not to happen so. The boy completely fails to realize girl’s feelings.


The novel here reflects a great insight into indian cultural values and social stigmas. The boy comes alone to Canada and sponsors his wife. The girl and her mother get stuck in Hindu astrological treatments to solve life problems. An astrologer tells that she doesn’t have a happy married life but some treatments can help her a lot. Eventually the girl reaches Canada and joins her husband and in-laws. She is mistaken for putting a charm under her husband’s pillow. Domestic violence rages havoc in girl’s life and she takes ultimate refuge in god’s name. She gets some relief but fails to avoid her divorce. The pregnant girl is invited to a church and taught a lot to change her religion and become a christian. She is impressed by their teaching and converts. Now her true love comes into her life. Now parental and sibling responsibilities have their role in her life. The exchange-marriages system among Asian communities to settle in North America is another highlight here. The girl remarries, but does she get her true love? Will there be a family reunion of the protagonist? What role her old husband plays in her remarried life after learning how nice his wife was? What religion will the girl follow eventually? Will the girl reach a conclusion for leading a happy life? There is a question to the education policy makers of all countries, and a very feasible solution has been given too. Readers will be on tenterhooks to read until the end of the story; This novel will also very informative for new comers to Canada as well as quality readers.


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