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Marvelous English Grammar


Marvelous English Grammar Copyright – CIPO reg. no. – 1067820

During his continuing research in English in 1999, Prof. Virdi pointed out nineteen mistakes in the seventh edition of a worldwide selling English grammar book to its eminent author, a Professor of a US university who was astonished at Mr Virdis efforts and appreciated highly his delving so deep into English.


The author still has all the proofs of the book, mistakes and communication. Never has so much dedicated and high level research been made before by any author to help passionate English learners understand the subtle nuances of English grammar. This book is the result of authors eighteen-year research and has been read by hundreds of students so far whose amazing positive feedback has prompted the author to announce the reward of $10,000 pretty confidently for person who finds and proves any other English grammar book better than this.

Crazy, isnt it!

The author claims, after going through this book and realizing authors endeavor, readers will be compelled to feel East or West, Prof. Avtar S virdi is the best.

Just try this!


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